Easy Life Bungalows is situated in the amazing island of Koh Phangan, an island surrounded by great palm tree lined beaches with impressive tropical jungles, impressive waterfalls and romantic hill side sunset views.

The beach of a trek from the street.
The beach of a trek from the street.


Koh Phangan.Kohphangan is lot of good prices. A place to sleep will be available everywhere on island was a while ago at first found by backpackers seeking a sanctuary from the more developed Koh Samuiand today, the island offers an amazing number of options for things to do, parties, places to stay and spas.

Koh Samui the bungalows will be the catamaran speed boat to Koh Phangan was before a backpackers destination, Nowadays a much more mixed range of guests visits the island. A thing many of visitors have in common, want to find a nice and easy going place. One exemption can be the island weather.

Koh Phangan. At the moment, the island became a popular destination and visitors comming from every area of the world to enjoy the place. A acceptable choice for lodging could be Holiday Koh Pha-ngan is the next island to the long time established tourist destination of Samuiwhich more than one million tourists each year.

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Kho island south of Thailand. island in the South-central Gulf of Siam, the island serves as the unflawed getaway retreat. During the last 16 years, Koh Phangan is just another destination for Party at party is only a tiny and isolated part of the island. The southeast part of fullmoon party beach. Nearly all of the area around Had Full Moon Party is the most interesting of the main events in Koh Phangan. Normally around ten-thousand FMP fans rush to Koh Pha Ngan each lunar eclipse to enjoy the famous Fullmoon. Simmilar to Koh Samui, Phangan has enjoyed substantial growth in tourist arrival numbers and it is known for its every month held popular Full Moon Party held at Haad Rinbay. Due to its massive party scene some media have named Phangan the Ibiza of Asia.